Validating REST API proxy


Vrap is a validating REST API proxy. In order to be able to validate rest api calls the proxy consumes RAML 1.0 definition files.


How to use it

The easisest way is to start vrap with docker. This requires that you have docker docker installed on your system. When docker is started, you can run vrap with the following command:

docker run -v<RAML-definition-directory>:/api -p5050:5050 vrapio/vrap /api/api.raml 

Vrap mode

Vrap provides two modes of operation, which can be set globally on the command line (via the -m mode cli option) or set for a request with the X-Vrap-Mode http header.


A short introduction to using vrap is available at tutorial .

Http headers

The behaviour of vrap can be controlled by adding the following headers to the request:

Command line options

usage: vrap [OPTIONS] <file.raml>
 -a,--api <api>                    URI to proxy to
 -d,--duplicate-detection <bool>   Enable duplicate key detection
 -dr,--dry-run                     Report errors only
 -h,--help                         display help
 -m,--mode <mode>                  vrap mode: [example, proxy]
 -p,--port <port>                  port to listen for requests
 -s,--pool-size <pool-size>        Size of the http client connection pool
 -ssl <mode>                       SSL verification mode: [normal, insecure]

Source code

The source code is available from our github repository vrapio/vrap, which contains a Readme.md file with build instructions.

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